Just the way she wants.

Oh what I'm craving is it really what I want? Or are the illusions just pulling back into their abyss. Is feeling empty the emotions of the soul? Or just some pictures her brain won't let go. Trying to fix her empty life or so she thought, but was it all true or just memoirs [...]


We as a society have been conditioned to show sympathy, empathy & help only those who expresses their pain/hurt, grief. How many times do we realise that someone close has been drowning in darkness without a call for help? The depth of how much an individual perceives a particular emotion is relative and so is [...]


I have an on/off switch in my head. One moment I may like you and the next all the my emotions will disappear. I think that I'm spiraling down somewhere, but I won't portray that picture to you. Cause obviously it's me? I'm always fine. Sometimes when I say I love you, I don't mean [...]


I have been trying, really believe me. Trying real hard to be happy. To pull out this growing black hole of unhappiness that resides in my chest. I didn't know being void of joy could feel this heavy. Or maybe it's just the growing uneasiness that weighs me down. I don't understand what's going on. [...]


Someday I hope you realise that each hug is different. That each embrace hides various emotions. It may be insignificant but how they overwhelm me. Yet these days all of them feel so incomplete. And in them I try to relive something specific. With each passing day I realise nothing matches your warmth. How unconsciously [...]